Project Description

In 2019, The Texas Digital Library brought Web Archiving Texas (WATX) into being to build a community around web archiving in Texas. WATX exists to bring people together in order to facilitate sharing skills and resources and to amplify our work that impacts the national and international web archiving community.

Through this WATX URL sharing project, web archivists can share the URLs that they are crawling to enable connecting those individuals and institutions with shared archiving interests and reducing duplication of effort where desirable.

Project Details

  • Project Name: Web Archiving Texas
  • Project Abbreviation: watx
  • Project Starting Date: Aug 26, 2020
  • Project Ending Date: Aug 26, 2040
  • Nomination Starting Date: Aug 26, 2020
  • Nomination Ending Date: Aug 26, 2040
  • Number of URLs Nominated: 3
  • Number of Nominators: 1
  • Admin Name: Lauren Ko
  • Admin E-mail:
  • Project URL:
  • Registration Required for Project: Yes

Project Bookmarklet

A bookmarklet is a brief javascript program that can be stored as a bookmark or favorite in your browser. By following the instructions below you may add a bookmarklet to your toolbar that allows you to easily nominate URLs to this project while you browse the Web.

If your Bookmarks Toolbar is not visible, navigate to menu View->Toolbars, and select "Bookmarks Toolbar." Drag this link watx Nominator to the Bookmarks Toolbar.
Google Chrome
If your Bookmarks Bar is not visible, use the keyboard command Shift+Ctrl+B to make it so, or navigate to menu Tools and select "Always Show Bookmarks Bar." Drag this link watx Nominator to the Bookmarks Toolbar.
Internet Explorer
If your Links Toolbar is not visible, right click on the menu bar and select "Links." Right click on this link watx Nominator , and select "Add to Favorites..." For the "Create in" field, select "Links" then click "Add."