Controlled Vocabularies: Resource Type

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Term Name: text_article

Label:  Article 
Description:  A full article from a periodical, such as a journal, magazine, or newsletter

Term Name: image_artwork

Label:  Artwork 

Term Name: text_book

Label:  Book 
Description:  A book, atlas, photojournal, ledger, etc.

Term Name: text_chapter

Label:  Book Chapter 
Description:  A full chapter that is part of an anthology or larger, multi-chapter text

Term Name: text_clipping

Label:  Clipping 
Description:  Newspaper clippings and partial excerpts from other published materials (generally removed, physically, from publication, rather than drafted text, which may be an "article" or "chapter")

Term Name: collection

Label:  Collection 
Description:  An aggregation of items. The term collection means that the resource is described as a group; its parts may be separately described and navigated.

Term Name: dataset

Label:  Dataset 
Description:  Information encoded in a defined structure (for example, statistical data file, tables, databases, etc.), intended to be useful for direct machine processing.

Term Name: image

Label:  Image 
Description:  A primarily symbolic visual representation other than text that does not qualify for a more specific defined resource type. For example - logos, diagrams/charts/graphs, illustrations, etc.. Note that image may include both electronic and physical representations. (For moving images see Video.)

Term Name: interactive-resource

Label:  Interactive Resource 
Description:  A resource which requires interaction from the user to be understood, executed, or experienced. For example - forms on web pages, applets, multimedia learning objects, chat services, virtual reality.

Term Name: text_journal

Label:  Journal/Magazine/Newsletter 
Description:  An issue of a periodical such as a journal, magazine, or newsletter
Label:  Legal Document 
Description:  Court or government legal documents, e.g., affadavits, deeds, wills, land grants, warrants, etc.

Term Name: text_leg

Label:  Legislative Document 
Description:  Materials generated by state and federal legislatures, such as text of bills and resolutions, or session proceedings

Term Name: text_letter

Label:  Letter 
Description:  Materials that are primarily correspondence (e.g., letters, memos, e-mails, etc.), but may include accompanying attachments or envelopes.

Term Name: image_map

Label:  Map 
Description:  An individual map or unbound map sheet

Term Name: image_score

Label:  Musical Score/Notation 
Description:  Sheet music or score

Term Name: text_newspaper

Label:  Newspaper 
Description:  Full issue of a newspaper

Term Name: text_pamphlet

Label:  Pamphlet 
Description:  A non-serial publication under 50 pages including booklets, brochures, small flyers, etc.

Term Name: text_paper

Label:  Paper 
Description:  Written composition such as an essay, working/discussion paper, white paper, etc.

Term Name: text_patent

Label:  Patent 
Description:  An issued patent including a description for an invention and often diagram(s)

Term Name: image_photo

Label:  Photograph 
Description:  Photographic print, negative, or slide

Term Name: physical-object

Label:  Physical Object 
Description:  An inanimate, three-dimensional object or substance. For example -- a computer, a wooden box, a sculpture. Use "physical object" to categorize museum objects that have digital representations in the Portal. Use "image" to categorize physical objects that are incidentally represented in photographs.

Term Name: text_poem

Label:  Poem 
Description:  Individual or collected poetry or verse text, not published as a "book"

Term Name: image_postcard

Label:  Postcard 
Description:  Image or text printed on a card, intended to be mailed (with or without handwritten notes)

Term Name: image_poster

Label:  Poster 
Description:  Poster or broadside, usually larger than a flyer (pamphlet), intended for advertisement, decoration, information (e.g., a research or conference poster), etc.

Term Name: image_presentation

Label:  Presentation 
Description:  Images or text used as visual aids for a speech, lecture, seminar/webinar, or other presentation

Term Name: text_prose

Label:  Prose fiction 
Description:  A literary composition not classified as poetry such as a novel, novella, or short story

Term Name: text_report

Label:  Report 
Description:  A research, statistical, technical, or summary report written by an individual, organization, or other agency

Term Name: text_review

Label:  Review 
Description:  A written commentary on an item (books, artwork, journals, etc.) or an event (performances, conferences, exhibitions, etc.)

Term Name: text_script

Label:  Script 
Description:  Text of plays, speeches, etc., meant to be read or performed

Term Name: software

Label:  Software 
Description:  A computer program in source or compiled form which may be available for installation non-transiently on another machine. For software which exists only to create an interactive environment, use interactive resource instead.

Term Name: sound

Label:  Sound 
Description:  A resource consisting of content primarily intended to be rendered as audio. For example - a music playback file format, an audio compact disc, and recorded speech or sounds.

Term Name: specimen

Label:  Specimen 
Description:  Scientific sample

Term Name: image_drawing

Label:  Technical Drawing 

Term Name: text

Label:  Text 
Description:  A resource consisting of content that is primarily words for reading that does not qualify for a more specific defined resource type, such as: a certificate, handwritten note, printed forms, business cards, invoices, tickets, receipts, ballots, meeting minutes/agendas, etc.

Term Name: text_etd

Label:  Thesis or Dissertation 

Term Name: video

Label:  Video 
Description:  A moving image or a series of visual representations that, when shown in succession, impart an impression of motion.

Term Name: website

Label:  Website 
Description:  A set of interconnected webpages

Term Name: text_yearbook

Label:  Yearbook 
Description:  School yearbook or group annual