Controlled Vocabularies: Identifier Type

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Term Name: ARK

Label:  Archival Resource Key (ARK) 

Term Name: BRAC-NUM

Label:  BRAC Number 
Description:  BRAC Number is used to designate the numbers assigned by the Base Reassignment and Closure Commission to documentation involved with their activities.

Term Name: CALL-NO

Label:  Call Number 
Description:  An alphanumeric code assigned to each item in the library to determine its subject and indicate its location on the shelves. [NB:. Considering the local uniqueness of Call No., we recommend to use it in conjunction with other identifiers.]

Term Name: CASI

Label:  Center for AeroSpace Information Number 

Term Name: CRS

Label:  CRS Report Number 
Description:  The Congressional Research Service Report Number. [NB: The CRS reports are made available for public by the Government Documents Department at the UNT Libraries.]

Term Name: DOI

Label:  DOI 
Description:  Digital Object Identifier, the opaque string used as an identifier by the DOI System. DOIs may be used to identify any intellectual property entity, including those already identified by systems such as ISBN.

Term Name: GOVNO

Label:  Government Documents No. 
Description:  A unique identifier which designates documents published by government agencies. This element may contain Superintendent of Documents Classification (SuDoc) numbers for federal documents, or Texas Document Classification (TxDoc) numbers for Texas state documents.

Term Name: GRANTNO

Label:  Grant Number 
Description:  The grant number assigned by the agency.

Term Name: ISBN

Label:  ISBN 
Description:  The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique machine-readable identification number, which marks any book unmistakably. This number is defined in ISO Standard 2108.

Term Name: ISSN

Label:  ISSN 
Description:  The ISSN(International Standard Serial Number) is an eight-digit number which identifies periodical publications as such, including electronic serials. More than one million ISSN numbers have so far been assigned.

Term Name: LCCN

Label:  Library of Congress Control Number 
Description:  The LCCN (formerly known as Library of Congress Card Number) was the number used to identify and control catalog cards. With the development of the MARC format and the first distribution of machine-readable records for book materials in the late 1960s, the name of the LCCN was changed to Library of Congress Control Number. LCCNs are used for authority, bibliographic and classification records and the basic control number has been fixed in length at 12 characters.


Label:  Accession or Local Control No 
Description:  Other pointers to the metadata in the local system. Most commonly, these will be accession numbers assigned by a museum, archive, or special collection, or local numbers used by a collector to identify elements of his or her collection.

Term Name: OCLC

Label:  OCLC 
Description:  The Online Computer Library CenterOCLC) is an online cataloging system shared by libraries worldwide, and an "OCLC number" is a unique identifying number attached to all records in the OCLC cataloging and interlibrary loan database. In WorldCat, the "OCLC number" is called the Accession number.

Term Name: OSTI

Label:  Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number 
Description:  Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number

Term Name: OTHER

Label:  Other 

Term Name: PAT-NO

Label:  Patent Number 

Term Name: REP-NO

Label:  Report No. 
Description:  A publisher-supplied number identifying a report-- usually within a series of similar reports. The report number will normally be found on the title page, documentation page, and/or cover of a report. The number may be a standard technical report number formulated to the ANSI/NISO Z39.23 standard, or a less standardized number designed to work within an organizational scheme of the issuing agency's publications.

Term Name: RISM

Label:  RISM No. 
Description:  A unique identifier within RĂ©pertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM), the International Inventory of Musical Sources.


Label:  Series Number 

Term Name: SUDOC

Label:  SuDoc Number 
Description:  The Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) classification system is designed to group together publications by the same government author. This number usually consists of an alphabetic identifier for the agency (e.g. CR for Civil Rights Commission) followed by a series of numbers that represent both the type of publication, the department within the agency that produced the publication, and the year or congressional session the material was produced. The purpose of this system is to uniquely identify, logically relate, and physically arrange each publication so that all publications of a single agency or department may be found together. The UNT Libraries Government Documents Department, one of the Federal Depository Libraries, uses this number to arrange the publications of the Commission on the shelves.

Term Name: TXDOC

Label:  TxDoc Number 
Description:  Texas Document Classification (TxDoc) number uniquely identify Texas state documents. The UNT Libraries Government Documents Department uses this number to arrange the publications of the State on the shelves in the library.


Label:  UNT Title Identifier 
Description:  Identifier assigned by the UNT Libraries' Title App in the Aubrey system to uniquely identify title records in the system.

Term Name: UNTCAT

Label:  UNT Catalog No. 
Description:  A unique identifier within the UNT Libraries' online catalog system. From the current III catalog, the bibliographic record number will be used.

Term Name: URL

Label:  URL 
Description:  Uniform Resource Locator: The global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web. The first part of the address indicates what protocol to use, and the second part specifies the IP address or the domain name where the resource is located.

Term Name: URN

Label:  URN 
Description:  A particular scheme, urn:, specified by RFC2141 and related documents, intended to serve as persistent, location-independent, resource identifiers. A URI that has an institutional commitment to persistence, availability, etc. Note that this sort of URI may also be a URL. See, for example, PURLs.

Term Name: UUID

Label:  Universally Unique Identifier 
Description:  UUID is an identifier standard used in software construction, standardized by the Open Software Foundation (OSF) as part of the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE).