Controlled Vocabularies: Format

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Term Name: audio

Label:  Audio 
Description:  Data stored in a sound file format.

Term Name: image

Label:  Image 
Description:  A two-dimensional graphical representation of a scene. It is a visual pattern used by interfaces to display units and terrain.

Term Name: other

Label:  Other 
Description:  Formats that do not fit into any of the other categories on this list.

Term Name: text

Label:  Text 
Description:  A written or printed document. There are no pictures, graphic art, sounds or moving video; just the words you see on the screen.

Term Name: video

Label:  Video 
Description:  Recorded moving images such as those seen on television. A video camera is used to photograph real objects or people and the single images are played back at a rate of anywhere from about 8 to 30 frames per second. Often, video includes accompanying audio, and in some cases, it also includes some computer-generated animation.

Term Name: website

Label:  Website 
Description:  A set of interconnected webpages