Controlled Vocabularies: Coverage Time Period

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Term Name: tex-land

Label:  The Texas Landscape 
Description:  Focuses on materials relating to the geographic regions, flora, and fauna of Texas throughout its history.

Term Name: fir-tex

Label:  The First Texans, before 1519 
Description:  Illuminates Native American activities in Texas while attempting to illustrate the diversity of the various tribal cultures.

Term Name: eur-tex

Label:  European Explorers in Texas, 1519-1689 
Description:  Traces European exploration of Texas from the Alonso Alvarez de Pineda expedition through LaSalle's abortive attempt at establishing a French colony; including the relationship between explorers and Native Americans.

Term Name: span-tex

Label:  Spanish Texas, 1690-1821 
Description:  Covers the period of Spanish rule from the Alonso de León expedition through Mexican Independence, together with the relationship between the Spanish and Native Americans in Texas.

Term Name: mex-tex

Label:  Mexican Texas, 1821-1835 
Description:  Encompasses Texas history from the independence of Mexico through the early stages of the Texas Revolution, emphasizing Anglo-American immigration and the relationship with Native Americans.

Term Name: tex-rev

Label:  The Texas Revolution, 1835-1836 
Description:  Deals with people and events associated with the Texas Revolution, from its outbreak through the establishment of the Republic of Texas.

Term Name: rep-tex

Label:  The Republic of Texas, 1836-1846 
Description:  Comprises historical topics associated with the Republic of Texas, from the election of September, 1836, through annexation; including the relationship between the Republic and Native Americans.

Term Name: annex

Label:  Annexation, 1844-1846 
Description:  Includes materials related to the annexation of Texas by the United States, from the early negotiations with the Tyler administration to the annexation ceremony of February 19, 1846.

Term Name: slav

Label:  Slavery and Antebellum Texas Culture, 1821-1865 
Description:  Involves the culture of Texas and the institution of slavery from the Anglo-American migration into the state to the close of the Civil War.

Term Name: tex-fron

Label:  The Texas Frontier, 1846-1861 
Description:  Embraces the history of the southern and western frontiers of Texas from the Mexican-American War through the outbreak of the Civil War, with an emphasis on the conflict with Native American tribes.

Term Name: civ-war

Label:  Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1876 
Description:  Highlights materials relating to the Civil War and Reconstruction in Texas, including the defeat of the Native American tribes.

Term Name: cat-bom

Label:  The Cattle Boom, 1865-1890 
Description:  Incorporates the rise of the cattle industry in Texas from the conclusion of the Civil War through the establishment of cattle ranching as a business.

Term Name: new-sou

Label:  New South, Populism, Progressivism, and the Great Depression, 1877-1939 
Description:  Traces the major social, economic, political, and military developments in late 19th and early 20th century Texas.

Term Name: mod-tim

Label:  Into Modern Times, 1939-Present 
Description:  Includes materials relating to modern Texas, from the outbreak of World War II to the present.

Term Name: oil-gas

Label:  Oil and Gas, 1901-Present 
Description:  Features the petroleum industry in the state from the discovery of the Spindletop field through the present era.