Christian Cooperation 2 (open access)

Christian Cooperation 2

A typewritten manuscript for a sermon based on I Corinthians 3:9. This examines the ways we can work together, and the fact that without cooperation there is death. All the parts must work together, or the whole cannot survive. Cooperation multiplies power, gives denominational union, and blesses. First preached to San Saba Assoc. Then Mullen (10/25/1905); Lometa (1/7/1906); Abilene (1/27/1906); Cisco (2/18/1906); Kempner (2/11/1906); Ozona (3/1/1906); and May, Texas (3/3/1906).
Date: August 24, 1905
Creator: Baten, A. E.
System: The Portal to Texas History