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Reading of a blessing ritual Smul Kpnaak

This blessing, called Smul Kpnaak, is used by elders to mark significant life events for younger couples. This ritual blessing is to be used by an older person addressing younger people- Sumshot Khular shares the beautiful words here which translated mean: This is the feather for your good health, your long life, your well-being. May you be blessed with many daughters, with many sons, with many crops, with livestock, with wealth and riches. ‎‎May you be blessed with knowledge and understanding without end, and with overflowing riches. May you be blessed with abundant livestock. May your children be as numerous as the stars. May they be as numerous as the sands of the sea. ‎‎Even if misfortune, bad storms (of life), disease and hunger come (to you). With your left hand push them away, and with your right hand bring the blessings closer to you. ‎‎May it be so for your life, may it be so for your good health. ‎‎May your life be as long as the banyan tree. May Heaven grant you strength and happiness.
Date: 2015
Creator: Chelliah, Shobhana Lakshmi
System: The UNT Digital Library