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[Flyer for Bray Brothers Store]

Flyer announcing a new location for the Bray Brothers dry goods store in McKinney, Texas. There is a handwritten note on the back which appears to be a philosophical discussion of freedom and liberties, starting with observations about wild mustangs.
Date: unknown
Creator: Bray Brothers
Object Type: Poster
System: The UNT Digital Library
Gate. (open access)


Patent for a gate that is meant "to facilitate the opening of the gate without the intervention or use of the hands; to strengthen and brace the gate so as to prevent any possible sagging thereof, the braces being extended to form part of the hinge joint; to provide and dispose a latch so that it can be easily actuated by the foot from either approach for the purpose of releasing and opening the gate; lastly, to provide a gate that will close automatically without the use of springs and which will be simple, cheap, light and give satisfactory results" (lines 14-26).
Date: November 14, 1893
Creator: Jester, Andrew Edmond & Alexander, John Gilaspie
Object Type: Patent
System: The Portal to Texas History