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Newsmap. Monday, January 4, 1943 : week of December 25 to January 1

Front: Text describes action on various war fronts: North Africa, Command, Libya, New Guinea, Solomons, Burma, Russia, Fr. Somaliland. Large world map is keyed to text and illustrates time zones around the world. Includes inset maps: Indonesia -- Rostov region [USSR]. Photographs: Blimp patrol -- Supplies for Guadalcanal -- Along the road to Tunisia. Back: The Nerve System of the Army: text, illustration, and photographs show contributions of the Signal Corps to the war effort.
Date: January 4, 1943
Creator: [United States.] Army Orientation Course.
Object Type: Poster
System: The UNT Digital Library
The State of Democracy in the Arab World (open access)

The State of Democracy in the Arab World

This comparative study assesses the state of democracy and examines the process of democratization in the Arab World between the years 1980-1993. It addresses shortcomings in the mainstream democracy literature that excluded the Arab World from the global democratic revolution on political cultural grounds. To fulfil the objectives of this study, I employ both the qualitative and quantitative research approaches to test a number of hypothesized relationships. I hypothesize that transition to democracy is negatively associated with economic development, militarism, U.S. foreign policy, the political economy of oil, and dependency. I contend that emerging civil society institutions so far have had no significant effect on democratization in the Arab World. Finally, I hypothesize that the level of democracy in the Arab World is influenced greatly by the issue of civil rights. In order to investigate the hypothesized relationships, the following data sets have been used: Gastil's Freedom House Data set, "Repression and Freedom in the 1980s" data set, and Vanhanen's 1990 data set. The findings of this study support the aforementioned hypothesized relationships. I find that Arab countries, in general have made modest progress toward democracy, making the Arab World part of the global revolution.
Date: December 1995
Creator: Al-Olimat, Muhamad S. (Muhamad Salim)
Object Type: Thesis or Dissertation
System: The UNT Digital Library
Africa: Atlas of Our Changing Environment (open access)

Africa: Atlas of Our Changing Environment

This comprehensive atlas provides data, satellite imagery, and analysis of the environmental conditions and issues relevant to each African country, and several surrounding island nations. The atlas also covers trans-border international issues in Africa.
Date: 2008
Creator: United Nations Environment Programme
Object Type: Text
System: The UNT Digital Library