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Automatic Boiler-Feeder. (open access)

Automatic Boiler-Feeder.

Patent for certain new and useful improvements in automatic boiler feeders, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 12, 1898
Creator: Sharp, Joshua H.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Press-Sweep (open access)


Patent for a press sweep to be used with two baling presses. Illustrations included.
Date: May 3, 1910
Creator: Wakefield, Richard A.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Clothes Pin (open access)

Clothes Pin

Patent for a single piece wire clothes pin. Illustration included.
Date: February 27, 1906
Creator: Rumfield, Henry I. & Donaho, James R.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Insulator. (open access)


Patent for Insulator. This invention is related to new type of insulators whereas which provides support to hanging telephone wires and also securely insulates them.
Date: April 14, 1903
Creator: Claydon, Charles.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Stump-Puller. (open access)


Patent for a stump puller with a better grip.
Date: January 31, 1911
Creator: Fairey, Abraham T.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Air-Propeller (open access)


Patent for a propeller for aircrafts. Illustrations included.
Date: April 9, 1912
Creator: Buchanan, Jesey H.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Whitewash (open access)


Patent for "improvement in whitewash-paint consists in the use of certain ingredients whereby the same is rendered more permanent or durable and beautiful in color than any other article of the kind hitherto produced" (lines 10-14).
Date: April 9, 1889
Creator: Brizzolari, Davis
System: The Portal to Texas History
Baling Press. (open access)

Baling Press.

Patent for a new and improved baling press. This design consists in "the frame, drum, the power-ropes to be wound thereon, and the platen combined with the levers having rounded upper and lower ends to operate in rounded sockets in the said platen and the upper part of the frame and the toggle-joints near the centers of the said levers, comprising the rounded projection on one of the members adapted to fit a corresponding cavity or recess in the adjacent end of the other member, the lateral ears and the pin to pass through said ears and the rounded projection" (lines 12-23).
Date: May 15, 1888
Creator: Bartle, John Nelson
System: The Portal to Texas History
Automatic Railway Signal. (open access)

Automatic Railway Signal.

Patent for a new and improved railroad signal. This design, "[w]hen the wheels of a passing train come in contact with the spring and bent end of the lever . . . said end is lowered or depressed, causing the movement in the same direction of the outer end of said lever, which, through the agency of the wire, will cause the ringing or sounding of the gong or bell as the wheels . . . come in contact with the end of the lever. . . .[A]fter the wheels of the last car of a train have passed the point where the lever is located, said lever will be returned to its normal position by means of the coil-spring" (lines 57-71).
Date: October 16, 1888
Creator: Ross, Albert James & Darter, John T.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Plow. (open access)


Patent for a new and improved plow. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the plow-beam, of the plow-standard hinged to a crank-rod journaled in the plow-beam, the tension-spring connected to the plow-standard and provided with the adjustable plate, and the key or rod for securing the adjusting-plate in place" (lines 83-88).
Date: February 1, 1887
Creator: Ross, Albert J.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Planter (open access)


Patent for "a planter which is adapted to be connected to the frame of a sulky-cultivator and operated by one of the wheels thereof," (lines 13-16) including illustrations.
Date: December 27, 1887
Creator: Hyde, Richard Edmund
System: The Portal to Texas History
Cultivator. (open access)


Patent for a new and improved cultivator. This design "is to produce . . . cultivators [that] can be adjusted laterally in relation to each other and turned at any desirable angle, and in which the frame and the beam can be made to stand at any desired angle to each other" (lines 17-23). It consists in "a semicircular frame, two vertical plates secured to the ends of the said frame and having their upper edges serrated, blocks placed between the plates, the plates, bolts for clamping them to opposite edges of the vertical plates, and the cultivators which pass through the plates and the beam" (lines 8-15).
Date: December 16, 1890
Creator: Ford, John Owen
System: The Portal to Texas History
Fence. (open access)


Patent for a new and improved fence. This design "ha[s] its rails arranged diagonally to the line of fencing, consisting of the double end posts, bound together at their upper ends by means of the crown-wire . . . the intermediate single posts, the horizontal rails having their ends alternately lapping the inner and outer sides of the said single posts, the transverse blocks, interposed between the respective rails, and the top rails bound to the single posts by means of the wire loops" (lines 78-88).
Date: May 20, 1884
Creator: Ford, Benjamin Franklin
System: The Portal to Texas History


Patent for formula used in whitewashing homes, walls, fences. etc. with ingredients and instructions included.
Date: April 20, 1880
Creator: Kerr, Archibald Henderson
System: The Portal to Texas History
Corn or Cotton Planter. (open access)

Corn or Cotton Planter.

Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and efficient adjustable corn or cotton planter. It has a frame, ground-wheel, furrow opening and closing apparatuses, a hopper, seeding devices, a crank-arm, an agitator shift, a set-screw, a crank-pin, and bearings on the sides of the hopper.
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Brown, Mathias
System: The Portal to Texas History
Cultivator. (open access)


Patent for a cultivator that is easily constructed and adjusted. It has a beam, parallel bars extending its length, a block between the front ends of the bars, an adjustable bar that carries the teeth, and clamping plates above and below the bar.
Date: March 12, 1895
Creator: Ford, John O.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Folding Chicken-Coop. (open access)

Folding Chicken-Coop.

Patent for folding chicken coop with locking parts when folded or in the upright position. There are also improvements to poultry crates such as occupying minimal space when not in use for shipping purposes, including illustrations.
Date: September 26, 1916
Creator: Jones, Cecil A, & Shannon, Theodore M.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Gasolene-Supply-Tank Attachment. (open access)

Gasolene-Supply-Tank Attachment.

Patent for a gasoline station attachment that monitors the amount of fuel dispersed, dispensing a specific amount of fuel based on coin deposit, and for locking the fueling station.
Date: July 10, 1917
Creator: Malone, Thomas W.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Horse Detacher (open access)

Horse Detacher

Patent for a new and improved horse detacher which allows the driver to unhitch a horse without exiting the carriage or wagon, including specifications and illustrations.
Date: April 1, 1913
Creator: Carter, William Otis
System: The Portal to Texas History
Plow. (open access)


Patent for a new and improved plow. This design "consists in the point made with a land-side, fitting into a rabbet in the land-side of the standard, and made thicker and deeper than said rabbet, so as to project beyond and below said land-side to receive the wear" (para. 5).
Date: December 11, 1877
Creator: Dawson, William Wyatt
System: The Portal to Texas History
Corn and Cotton Sweep. (open access)

Corn and Cotton Sweep.

Patent for a new and improved corn and cotton sweep. This design "is to provide an improved sweep for the cultivation of corn, cane, and cotton plants while they are young, which shall be capable of adjustment to plow-stocks of any class; to provide removable wings which can be applied or detached when it is desired to throw the dirt or soil to either the right or left; and to provide a removable point which can be replaced when it is worn out with another point of similar construction and thus render the sweep as good as new and save the farmer the cost of a new sweep" (lines 16-27).
Date: September 28, 1886
Creator: Lewis, Samuel Timothy & Babb, John Hendrick
System: The Portal to Texas History