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Station Indicator. (open access)

Station Indicator.

Patent for a new and improved train station indicator. This design calls for two drums or rollers around which a banner with the different train station names and phrases written sequentially. A hand crank turns the drums, moving the banner to the desired name or phrase, as well as ringing a bell to alert passengers.
Date: December 26, 1882
Creator: Holloman, Harvey A.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Water-Wheel. (open access)


Patent for a water-wheel that rotates around a vertical axis and that has blade-like arms that enable the wheel to convert flowing water into rotational energy.
Date: July 21, 1914
Creator: Crisp, Thomas
System: The Portal to Texas History
Wheel. (open access)


Patent for "new and useful, Improvements in wheels and more particularly to that class known as spring or resilient wheels" (lines 12-15), including instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 26, 1913
Creator: Hardin, Benjiman Barnett
System: The Portal to Texas History
Fish-Screen. (open access)


Patent for fish screen for waterways that allows for free movement of debris but still creates a barrier for the fish.
Date: June 11, 1918
Creator: Crisp, Henry L. & Harrison, Ben T.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Wagon. (open access)


Patent for "a vehicle such as a wagon with means for automatically pulling cotton bolls." (lines 16-17)
Date: July 12, 1921
Creator: Jennings, William L.
System: The Portal to Texas History
Cotton Picker (open access)

Cotton Picker

Patent for a vehicle-mounted cotton picker.
Date: March 18, 1919
Creator: McEachern, S. D.
System: The Portal to Texas History