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Fireside Corrosion in Oxyfuel Combustion Environments,”

Oxy-fired or low-nitrogen combustion is a technology that will facilitate CO2 capture while also reducing NOx formation and which offers the opportunity for near-zero emissions coal combustion via either the retrofit of existing power plants, or the design of new power plants. Because of the opportunity to improve the environmental performance of the existing coal fired fleet (currently approximately 800 GW of capacity in the US alone) and the potential for converting these plants from air-blown to oxy-fired burners, NETL’s Office of Research & Development is focusing its attention on the impact of retrofitting existing plants on the service life of the materials of construction
Date: March 1, 2009
Creator: Holcomb, G. R.; Matthes, S. A.; Rawers, J. C. & Covino, B. S., Jr.
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[Concert Poster: NX35 Music Conferette]

Poster advertising the NX35 Music Conferette March 12-15, 2009, in Denton, TX. Poster lists performers, event information, and sponsors.
Date: 2009-03-12/2009-03-15
Creator: unknown
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