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Newsmap. Monday, October 25, 1943 : week of October 14 to October 21, 215th week of the war, 97th week of U.S. participation

Front: Text describes action on various war fronts: Russia, Italy, Schweinfurt, Southwest Pacific, Burma, North Pacific, U.S. subs. Inset maps: Bridgeheads across the Dnepr River, [Pacific Ocean off coast of New Guinea], [Areas in Southern Europe providing targets for bomber forces], Operations begin in Burma. Photographs: Nazis use Soviet equipment and men in battle for Italy, Soviet soldier and RAF officer, Lieut. Col. Chesley G. Peterson, Salt Lake City, Fuel pipe lines, Fifth Army engineers, In the Naga Hills of northern Burma. Back: Photographic view of the world with the center at Berlin, Germany. Includes instructions for using a detachable scale that, when centered on Berlin, measures distances along any line running through Berlin.
Date: October 25, 1943
Creator: [United States.] Army Orientation Course.
System: The UNT Digital Library

Newsmap for the Armed Forces : the sea-air navy : 319 warships set for Atlantic and Pacific fleets

Front: Text describes proposed post-war Atlantic and Pacific U.S. fleets. Shows graphic silhouettes of the different types of ships. Includes chart of proposed Navy personnel. Back: Let's not be fooled again... Text includes: Pro-German attitude grows as U.S. troops fraternize -- We talk tough, but we act soft -- Soldier's opinions of Germans rising. Reasons given for post-war occupation of Germany.
Date: February 25, 1946
Creator: [United States.] Army Information Branch.
System: The UNT Digital Library

Newsmap. Monday, May 25, 1942 : week of May 15 to May 22

Front : Text describes action on various war fronts: Axis hunts Shangri La -- Shadow on Australia -- New threat to China -- Gandhi still passive -- More Yanks in Ireland -- U.S. gets Panama bases -- Spain would trade -- Island volcano erupts -- Axis people grumble -- Axis battles Chetniks -- Air travel curtailed -- Prinz Eugen torpedoes -- Attack on Kharkov -- Vichy downs RAF planes -- Africa drive hinted -- Malta counts bombings. Large world map is keyed to text and illustrates time zones around the world. Inset maps show the Burma Road and a map of a portion of Europe overlaying a map of the United States. U.S. cities are shown in italics, European cities in capitals. Includes photographs: Doolittle did much -- North American B-25 -- Gandhi opposes [scorched earth policy] -- School of 'tin fish' ready for their deadly work -- Shell casings stacked in Moscow factory -- Rommel might move -- Catalinas from America keep an eye on the Mediterranean -- RAF salvages wrecked planes from desert. Includes 1 cartoon. Back: Know Your Enemies: the Nazi Army. Includes photographs: Supporting Fire, Howitzer in Action, Moving Up, Mountain Troops, Tank Destroyer, Anti-Aircraft Alert, …
Date: May 25, 1942
Creator: [United States]. Army Orientation Course.
System: The UNT Digital Library