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Denial, Daily Hassles and Distress in HIV Positive Individuals

This poster uses social cognitive theory to model the relationship between health distress, denial, and daily hassles faced by HIV individuals.
Date: March 9, 2011
Creator: Gomez, Brooke; DeSena, Thomas; Miller, James; Deaton, Kyle; Ridings, John & Vosvick, Mark A.
System: The UNT Digital Library

Hope and symptom lead: Correlates of meaning-in-life for HIV positive adults

This poster examines the psychological construct of meaning-in-life for the HIV+ community.
Date: November 9, 2009
Creator: Logan, Mandy Alene; Chng, Chwee-Lye; Vosvick, Mark A. & Hill, Jonathan
System: The UNT Digital Library