Student Food Rules on the Digital Library Contribute to Learning

Poster presented at the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior Conference. This poster describes an exercise in training students in scientific writing to compose their own food rules, and share these rules through the UNT Digital Library
Date: July 31, 2016
Creator: Connors, Priscilla L.
System: The UNT Digital Library

Collection Assessment & ARL Libraries Summary Results from ARL SPEC KIT #352

This poster summarizes results from the Association of Research Libraries SPEC Kit #352: Collection Assessment.
Date: October 31, 2016
Creator: Harker, Karen & Klein, Janette
System: The UNT Digital Library

Forgiveness: Moderating the Relationship Between Coming Out and Shame Due to Heterosexism

This poster seeks to identify the psychosocial hurdles surrounding the coming out process of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual community.
Date: October 31, 2011
Creator: Goodman, Rachel; Chng, Chwee-Lye; Willingham, Jordan & Vosvick, Mark A.
System: The UNT Digital Library

Cataloging for Makerspaces

This poster shares how makerspace items are cataloged by UNT Libraries and how they benefit the library. It was presented at the Mountain Plains Library Association 2019 Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Date: October 31, 2019
Creator: Robson, Diane; Sassen, Catherine & Yanowski, Kevin
System: The UNT Digital Library