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[Concert Poster: White Denim]

Poster advertising a concert for the Gorilla vs Bear fest featuring performances by White Denim, Preteen Zenith, Shabazz Palaces, Julianna Barwick, Grimes, Sleep ∞ Over, Pure Sunset, Dreamer and DJ Sober on July 23, 2011, at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX.. Poster features abstract artwork by Nevada Hill showing a person holding a sign with performer information and a can next to them showing the date and venue.
Date: July 23, 2011
Creator: Hill, Nevada
System: The UNT Digital Library

Newsmap. For the Armed Forces. V-E Day + 11 weeks, 188th week of U.S. participation in the war

Front: At bottom left: Halsey's ships rake Japan. At upper right: The Queen Mary brings home a boatload of Yanks. At lower right: Soldiers marching in formation behind a listing of "Divisions tenatively scheduled to return to United States during remainder of 1945. At lower center: Ft. Jackson, S.C. - training in jungle fighting before leaving for the Pacific. In center: Training posts for divisions returned and due to return for redeployment. Map showing Asia and northern Australia ; outline map of the U.S. showing locations of various military camps Includes 3 photographs. Back: The battle line. Text describes the role of the Army Engineer. Includes photographs: Road making materials ground out by an Engineer rock crusher -- Bulldozer carving a road out of a hillside -- Dependable water supplies for troops -- Engineers working in deep snow as they unreel and adjust barbed wire -- Engineer divers are decompressed -- Bridges are arrested so that tank-dozers may clear the path -- Storms only make the "snapper's" job tougher as he seeks out mine fields -- Engineer corps cranes operate in the surf.
Date: July 23, 1945
Creator: [United States.] Army Service Forces. Army Information Branch.
System: The UNT Digital Library

Cataloging for Makerspaces

Poster on cataloging items for makerspaces. Makerspace items may be difficult for library users to find if they are not fully cataloged. Cataloging not only facilitates discovery but also provides information needed to track usage, create programming, generate recommendations, and support collection development. Attend this poster presentation for an overview of descriptive and subject cataloging for makerspace items. It was presented at the Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTCL) 2021 conference held virtually on July 23, 2021.
Date: July 23, 2021
Creator: Robson, Diane; Sassen, Catherine & Yanowski, Kevin
System: The UNT Digital Library