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De Marine roept: jongens van Stavast, vraagt inlichtingen bij het Department der Marine.

Stylized illustration of a man playing a bugle. A red tassel hangs from a cord which is wrapped around the bugle. He wears a large light-colored hat (probably a sailor's cap), t-shirt, and brown suspenders and belt with a supply box attached to it.
Date: unknown
Creator: Berg, L. van den
System: The UNT Digital Library

Draagt bij voor de motoriseering van Stads- en Landwachten.

A stylized depiction of men in green military uniforms riding motorcycles. Behind them are probably armored cars but possibly tanks or other armored vehicles. On the front of each motorcycle is a numbered license plate in a Dutch flag design.
Date: unknown
Creator: Central Comité Stads- en Landwachten.
System: The UNT Digital Library